Bullet Journal

The August Setup

the lady & the ink

So, yes. I’m posting. Since October things changed a lot in my life. I moved from São Paulo to a tiny horrible city in Santa Catarina, and already hate everyone here. Santa Catarina is a beautiful place, full of prejudiced and small minded people, which is a real shame (just to clear it out: I lived most of my life in Santa Catarina, before moving to São Paulo to study).

170819 06 The monthly page with calendar, space for goal tracking, bill payment tracking and tasks.

My bullet journal also changed a lot, as you can see. I no longer use a notebook (the Cícero notebook is really expensive now and I can’t afford it, so I made my own planner). And I’m now a minimalist, since I work 40h/week, no time can be found to make those nice and artistic spreads. It is actually working better as a bullet journal now.

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